How to replace a water heater



Your water will eventually need replacement even with proper maintenance. On the other hand, even though we know they are supposed to have occasional maintenance, we often leave them to stay for far too long without maintenance, continually making water for us day in day out. But when they reach their limit, due to rust and corrosion, they quit. Either way, it then downs on you that those long, hot showers you are fond of are no longer hot. Well, this is the ideal time to replace it.

  1. Remove the malfunctioning water heater

Before installing a new one, remove the old water heater. Switch off the electric power first and then using a suitable screw driver, remove the heater carefully.

  1. Set the new water heater in place.

With a carpenter’s level adjacent to the water heater, level it with plastic or wooden shims.

  1. Solder the valve to the end of the water supply.

Making sure that the valve is in the open position, connect the valve to supply line with the help of a propane torch, join it using a lead-free solder.


Connect the supply lines to the heater following the manufacturer’s instructions: flexible copper supply lines or solid copper lines are the common options. Close the drain valve completely. Turn the water supply on and open all line valves. Open all faucets, and run the water till it flows steadily out of the faucets-steady flow indicates a full and proper functioning water heater. Close the faucets completely and check for possible leaks.

  1. Connect to electric power source

Remove the electric access lid. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, connect the heater to power leads using wire nuts. Make sure you ground well and replace the electric access terminal.

  1. Adjust the thermostat

Use a screwdriver to alter the thermostat temperature. The recommended setting ranges from 120 to 125 degrees. Turn on water supply and when the tank is full, restore power push the reset on the panel.


While the most convenient way to replace a water heater is to engage a plumbing professional, this at times is not viable. So, the quick and simple procedure on how to replace your water heater above will come in handy during such times. It should take you no more than five hours, and the outcome is unbelievably astonishing!

If you are looking for a professional Plumber to install it then someone like Big State Plumbing would be perfect for the job.

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Few key points that helped me to sell my house easily

fast house sale - Fast-Sale-UK-Sell-My-House-Fast-UK-Flag-Map

I was trying to sell my house, but I was not able to get any success in it. I talked to few prospective buyers as well, but none of them showed any interest in purchasing of my house and they did not give any reason as well. After few unsuccessful clients communication, I decides to take help of a property agent so I take help of a property agent so I can easily sell my house and he gave me few reasons that were responsible for failure of my house deal.

After inspecting my house, he found that my old house was very dirty and it was looking very unattractive as well. Once agent told me this issue I found that he was right and it was my mistake to show my house in that kind of situation. So, I decided I will do the cleaning of my house before talking to any other prospective buyer for my house.

He also found that my house needed some maintenance and repairing work that was another reason of rejection from buyers. Although, these maintenance and repairing work were very small but it looked bad and when I saw it as a buyer I agreed with agent. So, I made sure that I will go ahead for the maintenance work as well before I do effort to sell my house again.

Other than this, my house was looking like a junkyard because I dumped so many of my old stuff in its garage and rooms. Due to all these stuffs, buyers were not able to see my house properly and it as becoming a negative point for selling of my house. So, I decide for removing of my old stuff along with house meantime, painting and cleaning and as soon as I did it I was able to sell my house in a good rate with no problem.

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The Importance Of A Comfortable Chair

Many people seem to disregard the chair they sit on during their work day because they don’t spend the whole day sitting in it. I was one of them until my husband recommend to switch and get a comfortable, maybe a bit more expensive, desk chair and reluctantly, I did, and I was amazed of how big the difference was. It just seemed so unreal that few dollars can make up for such a colossal distinction between two chairs designed for just one thing. I haven’t been able to use a uncomfortable one since then and by now, I’ve learned a lot about how important it is for your own health to use the more comfortable one, instead of the ordinary chairs.

One of the most important factors in choosing a chair is your back health. Nowadays, there are a lot of discussions going about how we all have back and spine related problems, most of them coming from our desk jobs and the fact that we spent most of our day time, up to 10 hours, sitting in a desk, most of the times in an uncomfortable position or with back bend in a weird angle, causing problems. This causes lower back pain most of the time, but can also result  in you slouching and looking self-conscious instead of making yourself appear confident, which is a very important thing in our lives.

Another reason for getting a comfortable chair is pretty straight forward – it makes you more productive and creative. If you have a lot of problems coming up with topics to write about if you’re a writer, or you just can’t seem to do your job and design some awesome buildings as an architect, your chair might be the root of all problems. It has been scientifically proven that making yourself comfortable results in an improve in motivation, creativity and productivity in our ordinary, daily lives. Not only you do not have to experience back pain anymore, but you’re also increasing your ability to do work!

Sitting in a chair that is as comfortable as your bed when you just woke up? There’s not better feeling than that and I’m pretty sure of it. While the most comfortable chairs might seem expensive at first look, but trust me, it’s worth every penny you invest into it – while it may not return the investment directly, the results on your life will certainly make it seem worth it – you can order one here. As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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Benefits Of A Corner Desk

If you’re a construction fan and work a lot on large sheets of paper to do design, or you just love having a lot of space on your desk, you might want to consider equipping yourself in what’s called a corner desk. The principle behind corner desks is simple – they are designed like 2 desks forged together in a 90 degree angle to fit in a corner. I’m going to talk you through main benefits of one and then, you will see for yourself, that having one is definitely better than not! Enjoy the article.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, the main benefit is the amount of space you save by using that desk. Usually, you put a desk and fill the space around with drawers, wardrobe, bed, whatever furniture you put in your room to fill the empty space – well no more. Now, not only you will be utilizing the corner space for more space for your documents, but you won’t have to fill your room with furniture you don’t even use. That was a problem in my case, as for a long time I’ve had 3 or 4 drawers that I haven’t touched in ages and were filled with random things I would gather in previous years – I got myself a corner desk and that allowed me to sort the stuff, sell the drawers and utilize more space!

Another point of view in favor of getting a corner desk is the amount of space it provides. The corner part will allow you place stuff that you won’t reach often but still have on your desk, for example, it’s a place for my headphone amplifier and speakers that are connected to my computer – earlier, I would have them filling most of my desk, now they rest in the corner while I have more space to utilize for my projects and work! Not even that, corner desk has the same amount of work space as two desks combined – how awesome is that? The amount of stuff I have on my corner desk is unbelievable, but remember to keep it tidy, or it can turn to mess rather quickly – you won’t even notice.

All in all, corner desk is a very good thing to have in your office or work room, if you’re looking to save some space and need more space to utilize for work. You can order one from many places, for example eBay. I hope those arguments helped you make your mind on the topic and as always, thanks for reading!

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